Pinterest in Person

Saturday, November  11 - 10:30-1:30

Join us for our Pinterest-in-Person Event for women of all ages, as well as teens. Beautiful ideas come to life! Enjoy, lunch and learn. Pinterest-worthy ideas will be shared by talented ladies at FWC. Followed by fellowship luncheon with special music, message and door prizes. Childcare provided.


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Baked Ziti (includes regular, veggie & glutten-free)




Homemade cupcakes by Jane Wall.



  1. CAKE-DECORATING 101: Create a Cake with Baby Cakes: Take your cakes from nice to WOW, as Angela Beasley and Chelsea Ray of Baby Cakes teach you the “secrets” of smoothing a cake, doing shell borders & lettering. A gorgeous cake will be raffled off in each session!
  2. EASY, ELEGANT HOLIDAY DÉCOR: Heather Johnson shares holiday décor ideas including how to turn used books into wreaths and different styles of decorative tassels.
  3. HEALTHY & GLUTEN-FREE EATING: Carolyn Cole, an instructor in thenext56days, will share healthy menus, recipes, ideas, tips and tastings that will help you get healthy by stabilizing your blood sugar, reducing inflammation, de-toxing your digestive system and losing weight.
  4. COLOR-CODING SCRIPTURE: Want a greater enjoyment, understanding + recall of Bible truths? Ashley Luck will teach how to get creative with God’s Word by color-highlighting Scripture by theme. Bring your Bible!
  5. GRACE & LACE: With creativity, not perfection, Lu Parrish will amaze you with ideas to create beautiful items + gifts on a limited budget.
  6. A KNACK FOR KNITTING: Do you have it? A resurgence for knitting has swept the nation! Come learn from presenters Jackie Selman and Marsha Gray to see if you have an interest in knitting, or discover ideas to improve your skills.
  7. HOMEMAKING HEROICS: Sheila Albertson and Roberta Siler will share helpful household hints like easy, quick meals, hand-mending, organization and simple crafts.
  8. DR. SLIME, A STRESS REMEDY: Jane Wall and Brooke Curran will teach you to create your own sample of “Dr. Slime Stress Relief,” – a fun activity to share with your children, resulting in a delightfully “slimy” colorful concoction both children and adults will enjoy.