Standby to see how we will be serving locally. Currently, we have periodic Blood Drives with the American Red Cross and we work with Open Door and West End Ministries to help keep their Food Pantries stocked. We also have groups within our church family who provide a meal a month at Open Door and West End.

There is a lot of change coming soon, so stay tuned!


    We are so excited about the summer missions opportunities coming up! It is our heart to spread the gospel in our community, and across the world. We'd love for you to be involved or get more information on these great opportunities!

    • LAOS

      In October, Pastor II, his wife Pat and son Max were able to travel to Laos to visit their family for the first time in a long time, and the first time for Max. This was a wonderful trip to see their family, and love on the community in Laos.

    • Arizona

      In July, a group from the church traveled to the Navajo reservation in Arizona to minister at two churches. They participated with the children and congregations for a week in the hot Arizona sun. It was a blessing for all involved.


      In May & June, John & Anita Brand spent time at Hope of Life in Guatemala. This amazing mission helps those of all ages from babies through the elderly in Guatemala as well as those with special needs. Anita spent a month there this year and the Brands have a special heart for this community.

    • CHINA

      This year, a group took a trip to China to interact with students there. They taught English and played basketball and built relationships.